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The Brilliant Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic Coast has a huge variety of destinations. There’s the traditional resort at Royan with miles of golden sands, restaurants and bars.


And just north endless beaches backing onto pine laden dunes.

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Just one of Royan's beaches

Tree top adventure at Royan

Then there’s island life too: Ile d’Oleron for its seafood restaurants, tiny railway and miles of beaches without a shop or car in sight. Further north there’s the exclusive Ile De Ray, and like Ile D’Oleron, reached by an impressive viaduct stretching miles across the sea.

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Or you could try the tiny peninsula village of Talmont with its traffic-free cobbled streets, craft shops, countless hollyhocks and the curious fishing stations, peppered around the headland.

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And as you travel the area, don’t miss the sea marshes, now a major nature reserve visited by a vast range of seabirds, such as egrets.


Eerily placed amongst the lagoons, miles inland, is the former port of Brouage, with its fortifications and grid pattern of streets absolutely intact. Walk the battlements, peruse the galleries and craft shops or visit the old fort buildings. A must-do diversion.

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Or there’s Fort Boyard, of TV gameshow fame, like a host of other smaller islands visited by the many summer ferries.

Less than an hour away is La Rochelle with its historic harbour, fantastic shopping, trendy waterfront and magnificent aquarium; together much more than a single day out.

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Finally, the oyster beds around Marenne are France’s most important. It goes without saying that there’s wonderful seafood restaurants and roadside stalls everywhere along the coast..

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Now take a trip to...

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