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The Cafe Bar


In the 19th century the railway came to Migron. A grand village house, Thouvenin, was extended and transformed into the station hotel.

In the 20th century the railway that had once meandered through vineyards joining tiny villages, inevitably closed. Thouvenin resumed its former life as a private house and the sleepy village life continued... 

Whilst there are some local bars - and many in the larger nearby towns - cafes and bars have disappeared from France in much the same way as pubs have in England. Our guests are a five minute drive away from the nearest, but we decided to use a beautiful space in the house to provide our own bar that could not be closer.
It's joined to the house and accessible from both floors. Whilst fully undercover, its louvred wall allows dappled sun to fill the space. Its stylish decor harks after a lost era. The village Pretre’s cassock hangs on the hatstand alongside the Gendarme’s cap, beside thirsty travellers’ luggage awaiting their departure.
IMG_0114 - Version 2.jpg

It is furnished with tables and sofas and the hand crafted zinc bar has both a fridge and a freezer hidden within it. 

It’s a fabulous spot for breakfast, or leisurely enjoying a good book out of the sun and the perfect place for a late night drink at the end of a relaxing day.

We can even arrange to stock the bar before you arrive!


Now visit the rest of the house...

Thouvenin Dining Room.jpg
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